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  • Clips are made of non-absorbable polymer, inert, non-toxic and well tolerated by the body, highly resistant in time.
  • Flexible design of the arms to allow ‘optimal fit on vessels.
    Flexible hinge that allows easy opening and closing.
  • Integrated teeth to ensure greater stability and prevent slippage on the tissue.
  • Distinct tactile feedback confirms jaw seating and secure vessel placement.
  • Bosses are designed to securely retain clip in applier jaws.
  • Applicators for open and endoscopic surgery equipped with precision anchoring system that allows clips to remain stable without risk of accidental loss.
  • Loaders and applicators with code colour for easy identification.
  • Non-Absorbable polymer is inert, nonconductive, radiolucent and does not interfere with CT, MRI, or X-ray diagnostics.
  • Our broad range of applier lengths including 45 cm endoscopic appliers forextended reach allows the surgeon to deliver clips with control and confidence.
  • Medium-Large appliers available in 5 mm diameter.
  • 20° angled appliers for effective control and better access.
    Clips contained in colour coded cartridges for ease of identification.

Welfare Medical now have available the 45° Angle Endoscopic Polymer Clip Applier. This Endoscopic Applier with 45° Angled jaws helps facilitate firm clip application and better access in the most difficult procedures and position. The Applier is available in all sizes of Medium Large, Large and Extra Large.

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