Titanium Ligating Clips

Category: Ligadura Download attachment Titanium Ligating Clips Welfare Ligating Clips are Sterile, single-patient-use clips manufactured from high quality titanium. The V-shaped clip designed for ligation of tubular structures. Supplied sterile and are used for ligation of organs and vessels in laparoscopic as well as open surgery. Appliers are available in a wide variety of jaw…

Suction Irrigation

Category: Dispositivos Laparoscópicos Download attachment Suction Irrigation Set Ergonomic design for ease of use. 3M of flexible tubing. Atraumatic round ended shaft with side-to side distal aspiration holes. Colour coded smooth button pistons and tubing for ease of identification. Products in this category Tagged UnderDisposableIrrigationlaparoscopicSuction

Skin Staplers

Category: Grapado Download attachment Disposable Skin Stapler Each disposable Skin Stapler is loaded with 35 medical grade Stainless Steel Staples. Skin Stapler dispenses one staple each time the instrument trigger is activated. Clear plastic cartridge offers enhanced staple count visibility. Ergonomic design for ease of operation. Products in this category Tagged UnderDisposableSkinstapler